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Reynaers Diana Cup

Reyners Diana Cup Tennis Tournament Winner

For the second year in a row, the “Kazakov and Daw,” foundation, was a main promoter of the "Diana Cup" tournament together with Tennis Club Diana. “Reynaers Diana Cup 2022” was a part of the ITF Calendar with a prize fund of 15 000 USD.

The tournament was held on the territory of Tennis Club “Diana” which offers great courts and equipment, as well as a great team of professionals which trains both active professional players and amateur players of all ages.


“Reynaers Diana Cup 2022” was held in three parts – the big event being the Men tournament from 4th until 10th of July, which was a part of the ITF calendar with a prize fund of 15000 USD. Viewers were able to follow the games live on the webpage of B1B BOX.

This event was preceded by two smaller ones – J5 for players ages 16-18 and Tennis Europe for players of ages 14 to 16. While J5 was part of the Junior ITF calendar, TE was part of Tennis Europe – a regional association of ITF. The total duration of the tournament spanned from June 11 until 10 July.


Junior President's Cup 2022

“Junior President’s Cup 2022” was held from 28-th until 30-th of June on the course of Pravets Golf.


Tournaments like this one help young golfers gain World Amateur Golf Ranking points (WAGR) so they can progress up the amateur rankings which in turn can help them gain sponsorship through golf scholarships for universities around the world.

Junior Presidents Cup 2022 Golg Tournament


Diana Cup 2021 Tennis Tournament

Diana Cup 2021

"Diana Cup” was carried out in two tournaments. The first tournament took part between 28.06 and 04.07 as a part of the Junior ITF calendar.

The second tournament, was part of the Male ITF calendar with a total prize fund of 15 000 USD. This par took place between 04.07 and 11.07.2021


Both of the events took place on the courts of Diana Tennis Club and enjoyed active international participation. Despite the big competition, most of the trophies were taken home by the local players.

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